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How do events and fundraisers help charities?

How do events and fundraisers help charities?

We all know what it means to fundraise, but do we know how it helps? Fundraising is an integral part of a charity’s ability to provide the services people rely on, especially for those charities that don’t receive any government funding. Understanding the importance of a fundraiser may inspire you to arrange one for your favourite charity.

How do events and fundraisers help a charity?

Monetary benefits

The obvious reason fundraisers help is to gain vital revenue for a charity. Regardless of the money generated, how it’s raised and over what time period, it is crucial to keeping services going. Whether it’s to help fund research into treatments, paying to keep emergency vehicles running, keeping people or animals safe or any other necessary cause, charities need the generosity of individuals, communities and corporations to help generate the funds to keep running.

Fundraisers also help to generate regular givers, which are vital for the forward planning and growth of charities. Having supporters donate on a regular basis, allows forecasting to improve services, make investments and develop areas that can give more back to those who need it most.


Charity Awareness and Understanding

The pandemic has seen the third sector hit hard with people scaling back their outgoings due to the uncertainty of employment and the introduction of a furlough scheme. Fundraisers are a great way to generate awareness of a charity’s services and the incredible work that goes on, which can often be taken for granted. By taking the opportunity to share the excellent work that is undertaken, the care and attention to the charitable services and of course the people behind making it happen, the rewards are that attendees share information and traction is gained in support.

The power of word of mouth and social presence cannot be underestimated and has done amazing things for gaining attention for a charity, which could lead to bigger investments and monetary support.


Sharing Real Life Stories

Events and fundraisers are the perfect chance for charities to share the stories of those they’ve helped and how their work makes a difference. Whether it’s seeing case studies of the impact work has had, first-hand stories from those who have been positively affected by a charity, or the wow factor of seeing how charities impact day to day lives, there’s no better opportunity than in person.

Whether the event is being held at a village school, a big London landmark or virtually through Zoom, seeing or hearing how donations make a difference is truly inspirational.


Volunteer Opportunities

Support for charities comes in various ways, including the recruitment of amazing volunteers who help to fundraise and create awareness on a regular basis. Gaining support from people who volunteer their time and resources to help improve the reach of a charity is invaluable, and events where you may gain this support can mean more than anything else.
Many charities simply wouldn’t succeed without voluntary support, from keeping shops running to working within communities, so taking the opportunities to recruit new and passionate volunteers is a huge factor during charity events and fundraisers.


If you want to help generate all the above through an event or fundraiser, get in touch with our team who’ll help you make it happen and offer all the support to make your fundraiser a success.