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How Can Your Business Benefit from IT Recycling?

Regardless of the size of your business, there are ways to ‘do your bit’ by looking at how you dispose or invest in recycling schemes of various areas of your business.

One area that you can massively benefit from is recycling IT equipment. Whether you’ve had a recent overhaul of older equipment, have newer equipment that is no longer needed, or just undertaken an annual upgrade, there are options to make sure your redundant equipment gets a new lease of life elsewhere.

So, how do you make sure you benefit from your old equipment;

Find a One-Stop Solution:

Within a fast-paced environment, finding a business that can complete every stage of the IT recycling process, from the collection of equipment to data wiping, is crucial to the efficiency of your operation. Using one supplier for everything means there’s no worry of where, when and who will be dealing with your sensitive data.

Understand What Data Wiping Software is Used

Restoring your IT equipment to factory settings isn’t enough to keep your data and other personal information from being accessed from others after being passed on. In short, there are files which aren’t erased during a simple restore, and specific programmes that can actually ensure all of the information stored is removed and the computer is safe for resale.

At The Air Ambulance Service, we use Blannco Binary Wiping Software for all of our data wiping needs which boasts 100% secure erasure and diagnostics for Laptops, Smartphones, Hard drives and Servers and more. Following the completed process, there’s a report and certification which is distributed to clients as proof of the erasure process. The reason we use this software above others are the fact they are the leading provider and recommended by numerous governing bodies and leading organisations worldwide, including the Ministry of Defence.

From this we have various certifications including;

  • ISO9001 & 14001 Compliant
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Blancco Certified

Look at Costs

Many companies charge for the data wiping services and rightly so, however we at The Air Ambulance offer all of the services free of charge, this includes;

There are so many benefits to looking at recycling their IT equipment and if this can support a life-saving service, then it’s a win-win situation for both parties. For more information on our free IT recycling services, get in touch either on LinkedIn or from our page.