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Halloween 2020 Cancelled? Top 6 Gift Ideas to Send Instead

This year has been like no other and whilst many things have been hugely affected, there is still a long way to go for some normality to return. The biggest change is how to celebrate occasions that would normally be a time for gathering with friends and family, such as birthdays, weddings, christenings and soon to be annual holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. It’s likely things we love about these seasons will be cancelled for 2020, whether it’s parties, trick or treating, carol singing and even work parties.

But if we’ve proven anything over the last 6 months it’s that we’re adaptable to whatever occurs throughout this year, and Halloween 2020 won’t be any different.  Whether you’ve dusted off your costume ready for an annual scary party or looking forward to spooky night with your group of friends it’s looking like these plans may have to wait until 2021. Here are our ideas to help loved ones celebrate cancelled Halloween plans during a pandemic.


Summer may have passed but flowers bring sunshine regardless of the season so why not treat loved ones to a bouquet this Halloween. Whether it’s in keeping with the orange and blacks of the season, or something that will brighten up a room, this delivery will certainly make someone’s Halloween for all the right reasons.


If you’re not able to test out your latest tricks this season then why not send ‘trick’ candy to friends instead? Whether it’s chocolate-covered sprouts or candy-coated onions, we’re sure your friends will see the funny side, even if you won’t be there to see the look on their faces as they tuck in.


We often don’t tell loved ones enough how much they mean to us, but it’s sometimes easier to do when there’s a holiday or occasion looming. Use the Halloween season to send a sentimental note to your favourite people and tell them just what they mean to you. This is likely to brighten up their October and it’s only a few months to wait until the next occasion looms.


Whether it’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a classic Stephen King or something more niche that you know will give guaranteed goose bumps, give your favourite people the Halloween trick of a good horror book. Nothing is scarier than your own imagination, so take a look at the selection of books in your local charity shop or online on eBay where you may find the perfect tale.


Everyone always loves the chance to have a night in with some good food so why not provide it for those special ones in your life? Whether it’s popcorn and sweets or a treat of a delicious tipple and chocolates, having a hamper delivered is the ideal alternative to a big spooky night out.


Team this trick with the hamper treat by including a scary horror movie. Create extra trickery by changing the scary DVD cover with a rom-com for even more Halloween scares. Get classics as well as newer horror movies from our selection of films found in our stores and online.


These are just some ideas of how to celebrate Halloween. For more ideas or places to pick up some devilish decorations, pop to your local store and see what they have in stock.