How to Sell PreLoved Items for Charity
How to Sell PreLoved Items for Charity

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How to Sell Pre-Loved Items for Charity

Sell your items online and help raise money for our services. There's various channels you can sell your items through so it's easier than ever to advertise your items.

Your Fundraising Pack

If you’ve had the opportunity to declutter, why not turn your pre-loved items into much needed cash to fund our lifesaving services?

List on eBay, Depop and other preloved sites or local Facebook Marketplace groups and donate a portion of your earnings to The Air Ambulance Service. Make it clear you’ll be donating to charity through the sale and it’s a win-win; your pre-loved items are given a new lease of life, directed away from landfill, and both you and your buyer will feel great that the money raised is going to help towards an extremely worthy cause.


Choose your site

If using a pre-loved site like Gumtree, Amazon or Facebook Marketplace then set up your sale as you normally would within their user guidelines.

Photograph your items

Take some really nice photos of your items which are clear and show as many angles as needed to showcase the item. Think about your background – if you can have a blank, bright backdrop and nothing too busy this will work best.

Write your description

Be as descriptive as possible with your listings to make sure the buyer has as much information as they can about your item and the condition that it is in. This is your opportunity to really sell it!

Mention us

Don’t forget to mention that you will be donating a percentage of your sale to charity.

Total up your sales

Once you have made all of your sales, items have been posted and you have your final amount, then pop over to our website and make your donation online.

Get in touch

Let us know about how much you’ve raised by contacting us via email or tag us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels.

Hints and Tips

  • If you sell your items via eBay, they can pay the percentage of your sale directly to us when you list your item, making it really fast and easy to donate to us via selling your pre-loved items.
  • Start to create the listing for your item on eBay adding all of the information about your item
  • Before confirming the listing, you will see an option to tick a box for ‘Donate a Portion to Charity’
  • Type ‘The Air Ambulance Service’ and you will see our charity name
  • When you then list your item, a ribbon will appear on your listing to show that you are donating a portion of your sale to your chosen charity
  • For more information on this please visit ‘eBay for Charity

Things to Remember

  • We have an array of new and pre-loved goods available online shops through eBay, Amazon and Depop so next time you are in the market for anything from a new TV stand to a pair of Nike trainers take a look at our online shops and grab yourself a bargain!
  • Next time you are shopping on Amazon do so via or activate Amazon Smile via the Amazon shopping app on your phone and select ‘The Air Ambulance Service’ as your charity of choice. You log in as you would to your normal Amazon account and shop exactly the same way, but a portion of your purchase of eligible items will be donated directly to us.


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