How to Sell Handmade Items for Charity
How to Sell Handmade Items for Charity

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How to Sell Handmade Items for Charity

Whether you've found new skills over lockdown or have enjoyed honing those you already have, use our guide to help raise money for a good cause by selling your homemade items.

Your Fundraising Pack

Handmade gifts are always something to treasure, be it a beautifully decorated magnet for the fridge or cards for a special occasion. Whatever it is you are good at, why not make extras that you can then offer in return for donations*.

You can set up a collection or delivery service for your items and customers can make their payments online. A stress-free, quick and easy way to fundraise for The Air Ambulance Service.

*check if what you’re making needs to comply with any regulations.

Make your products

It could be a cross-stitch, a bookmark or candles – make your favourite crafts or try something new.

Set up a JustGiving page

JustGiving allows people to pay for their item without using cash. They can pay securely online knowing that their donation will be going directly towards supporting our lifesaving services.

Create your handmade craft stall

This might be in your garden or outside your front door. You could even host your sale online – by taking a picture of your craft and posting on your social media channels.

Promote your sale

Utilise local Facebook groups, as well as friends and family to make them aware that you’ve handmade some items in support of a good cause.

Sell your creations

Set a fee for your crafts and ask people to donate to your JustGiving page. Why not set up a bespoke service where people can make special requests on certain items or add some personalisation? They can then donate via JustGiving and collect their items from you at an agreed time.

Get in touch

Let us know about how much you’ve raised by contacting us via email or tag us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels.

Hints and Tips

  • Make a livestream step by step video of how you make your items – that way people can see just how much time is taken in to each of your handmade items and they will be encouraged to purchase and support you even more. Livestream videos can be added straight to your JustGiving page.
  • Go that little bit extra – offer to gift wrap your handmade items for your customers who might be treating someone.
  • Check if what you’re making needs to comply with any regulations.

Things to Remember

  • Please ensure you are following the most up to date government guidance when completing any activity that requires you to leave your home or have contact with others, outside of your own household.


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