How to Organise A Virtual Quiz
How to Organise A Virtual Quiz

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How to Organise A Virtual Quiz

Create the best virtual quiz ever with our easy fundraising guide. From quiz questions to setting up a donation page, we have all the advice to help your quiz become a success.

Your Fundraising Pack

Hosting an online quiz is a great way to have fun, stay connected with friends and family and raise money for your favourite Charity all whilst being in the comfort of your own living room.

Set up a weekly quiz night with your family and friends, each household could take it in turns on who will be the Quizmaster for the week. A small fee for taking part is paid online and donated to support the services of your local Air Ambulance and the glory of the winning team is shared on your social media channels.

Choose a date to hold your quiz

Decide on a date that will work best to have as many family and friends involved, the more the merrier in recreating that classic pub quiz atmosphere. For the number of quiz rounds we’ve provided, we recommend allowing an hour for the duration of the quiz, but you might need to allow a little extra time on top of that depending on how many ‘bar breaks’ and snack top-ups you may need!

Set up your online donation page

JustGiving is a great platform to use for taking online donations and sponsorships for Charity. Setting up a JustGiving page for your quiz night will allow your teams to securely pay their ‘taking part’ fee online, knowing that their donation will be going directly towards supporting our lifesaving services. To find out more on how to set up a JustGiving page, take a look at our handy guide on our website.

Decide which platform you’re going to use to host your quiz

There are a number of free online platforms out there for you to choose from – Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts & Whatsapp to name a few. If you choose to livestream via Youtube Live or Twitch you can integrate your livestream video straight on to your JustGiving Page, which is a great way to remind your teams of the fundraising element of your quiz night and may also prompt some extra donations. Once you’ve decided on the platform that works best for you, send an invite to your friends, family or work colleagues with the time, date and the name of your chosen platform. Allow enough time for them to download the app and create a log in, if necessary.

Don’t forget to also share the link to your JustGiving fundraising page with your quiz teams too!

Be the Perfect Quiz Master

Now it’s time for you to plan your actual quiz but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Download the quiz question pack provided in this guide and you’re good to go! We have put together an expertly picked mix of questions ranging in difficulty and themes to ensure that ALL members of your family, and friends of all ages, can have a go and rattle their brains. We know that the key to a successful quiz night is to keep those teams engaged and with our quiz round questions in hand, you can’t go wrong! Just make sure to have a read over them yourself before the night and don’t forget to download the answer sheet also – for your eyes only!

Shout about it on your social media 

Let people know what you’re doing for charity. Give the winning team a shout out and don’t forget to tag us in any of your posts as we would love to see your support!

Hints and Tips

  • Remind your teams in between rounds that this Quiz night is helping to provide lifesaving funds for The Air Ambulance Service. Don’t be shy to remind them about your JustGiving page, your friends and family will be proud to support where they can.
  • Have ‘Charity Jokers’ – before you start, all teams are told that they have 10 jokers each. Throughout the quiz they can put their jokers against ten of their answers and if they get that joker answer right, they earn a double point but if they get their joker answer wrong they have to pay £1 into the fundraising pot. They’re only allowed ten jokers through the whole quiz, so they have to use them wisely.

Things to Remember

  • Bring a pad and pen.
  • Make sure your speakers and microphone work on your devices
  • Make sure everyone has the right details and can access the platform you’re using
  • Share your JustGiving Fundraising page
  • Don’t forget to have your quiz answer sheet with you
  • Have fun!
How to Organise A Virtual Quiz
How to Organise A Virtual Quiz

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