Organise an Event
Organise an Event

Fundraising Ideas

Organising a Charity Event

Looking to host and event to help raise money for charity. We're here to help get you started with some advice and ideas to make it a success.

Resources to Help Your Event

How to Plan A Fundraising Event

Start with understanding what you want from your event to ensure its success, as this will shape the where, why, what, and how when planning your event. From setting a date to choosing the location and everything in between, make sure your event stands the best chance of achieving your goals. Make a list of everything you want for your event and see how achievable these are in the timeframe – don’t be afraid to scale back if it starts to become too tricky.

Set Your Event Goals

To get the most from your event, set goals of what you want to achieve. These could be;

Tailor your activities to give you the best chance of reaching your goals, but don’t forget to make us aware so we can make sure you have all appropriate tins, buckets, banners and so much more, to showcase your event and make it the best it can be.

Organise an Event

Choose a Date for Your Event

This can often be the hardest part of arranging an event. Consider what else is going on in the local area, as well as nationally, to make sure there are no obvious clashes that will prevent people from being able to attend. If you’re planning a family fun day, hosting your event during school holidays is a sure-fire way to ensure you get a higher attendance, but if it’s a Christmas fundraiser think about hosting early December before social calendars start filling up.

Organise an Event

Choose a Location

Depending on whether it’s a regional or national event, the location may be determined by the ease of people attending. Think about parking, transport links and locations suitable for all weathers, especially in Britain, to prevent last minute cancellations due to floods or high winds. If you are hosting an event that requires other suppliers, consider how they will come to the event and ensure there’s space to set up.

Organise an Event

Promote Your Charity Event

It’s hard organising an event, but it can be even trickier to promote it. Make sure you have a great marketing plan on how to spread the message about your fundraiser and give all the details for people to attend. Whether it’s via social media, posters in local businesses or asking for other to help spread the message such as sponsors or suppliers, there are so many ways to get word out of your event and the cause you’re supporting.

For ‘In Aid of’ events, let us know so we can share from our website and help grow the event too. We may be able to arrange for press coverage on the day, share from our social channels and inform our other partners to see if we can attract further external support.

Organise an Event

After the Event

Once your charity fundraising event has taken place, make sure you share the successes. We’d love to know how much you’ve made so a cheque presentation can be arranged, and we can personally thank you for all of your efforts. Finally, if you’ve enjoyed the process of organising your own charity event then why not start planning the next one!

Organise an Event
Organise an Event

Need to Know

When it comes to your event you need to be sure you’re covered for everything you’re offering. Whether it’s food and drinks, or first aid, we have a checklist to make sure you consider everything ahead of your event.

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Not sure you're ready to organise your own event? Take part in one of our many challenges to help raise money for us. From sky walks to abseils, we have a whole host of events that may just what you and your friends, family or colleagues are looking for. , View Our Events
Organise an Event

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Organise an Event