Charity ideas for children
Charity ideas for children

Fundraising Ideas

Charity Ideas for Children

Tell Us About Your Fundraiser

Passion is what drives motivation and it’s a great start for nurturing children to get involved in fundraising. Ideas for an event can come from anywhere, but it’s the excitement about being part of something positive that will make a fundraiser a success. If you’re already involved with a charity or taking part in fundraising, why not involve children in your journey.

How to Involve Children In Fundraising

  • 01Let them help with planning

    Let them help with planning

    If you're involved in a fundraiser that isn't child-appropriate, such as a sports challenge, then why not get them involved in your training plan or route planning.

  • 02Discuss why you

    Discuss why you're fundraising

    Whether it's a personal experience or a passion for a charity, explain why you're taking part. Encourage them to come up with their own ideas for a fundraising event and organise together.

  • 03Speak to Us

    Speak to Us

    See if we have any up-and-coming events. We have our own kids club, #TheCrew, that children of any age can be involved in and gives opportunities to support fundraising whilst offering exciting opportunities.

  • 04Involve other guardians

    Involve other guardians

    Children may prefer to do their first fundraising activities as a group or class, so engage with other guardians to see if they're keen to be involved.

  • 05Have Fun

    Have Fun

    Whatever you choose to do as your fundraiser, make sure you have the best time doing it. Take lots of photos and share with us so we can spread the amazing effort you've made.

8 Fundraising Ideas for Children

If you know children who are looking to get involved in fundraising, there are loads of ideas that are suitable to get them excited, here are some of our favourites.

  • Craft Competition – get children creative in the classroom, in kids clubs or amongst a group of friends by hosting a craft competition over an afternoon. Sell on the items for more donations and see what imaginations create.
  • Bake Sale – get children involved in planning, making and selling cakes with the added bonus of seeing what they can make themselves, with adult supervision. If done as a group, get someone to be the ‘promoter’ and work with you on getting banners and exposure for the event.
  • Tabletop Sale – whether it’s a front garden sale, car boot stall or a fete, get your children to sort through their toys, clothes or games and arrange a tabletop sale to help raise funds. They’ll get to put their maths skills to the test with counting monies, learning to speak with customers and feel a great sense of achievement when the day is done.
  • Silly Hair Day – getting schools involved in children’s fundraising plans can be tricky, but ideas such as silly hair day are something both adults and children can be involved in to raise vital funds.
  • Sponsored silence – have fun with your little ones and take part with them in a sponsored silence. Agree an amount of time between you and set exceptions for breaking their silence so they feel empowered and comfortable with the challenge.
  • Wear green or yellow day – in support of our two charity services, organise a day to wear our colours: Yellow for your local Air Ambulance or Green for the Children’s Air Ambulance.
  • Host a Talent Show – if you know a group of children, whatever their talent, let them share their skills in a show. Sell tickets in aid of the air ambulance service and put on refreshments to make it a special event.
  • Gaming Tournament – whether it’s traditional board games or using the latest console, get a class or your child’s friends together to take on a gaming tournament.

Has Your Child Already Planned a Fundraiser?

We’d love to hear of any ideas of a fundraiser your child is planning so we can offer all the support you need. From banners to buckets, we will set them up to make their event a great success. 

The Difference Fundraising Makes to Us

Any fundraising, no matter how big or small, is important for keeping our services flying. Here are some ways your child’s fundraising can help patients who need our services.

  • Help towards paying for children’s ear defenders against our noisy rotors
  • Go towards our helicopter fuel for us to fly to missions
  • Essential medical supplies and equipment to help the patient on board

Be Sensible, Be Safe

The wellbeing and safeguarding of our supporters is always our priority, so regardless of the event your child is involved we need them to be sensible and be safe. Please read our safeguarding statement for more information.

Thank Yous

Thank you

Errwood Fly Fishing & Errwood Sailing Club

Huge thank you to Errwood Fly Fishing Club and Errwood Sailing Club in Derbyshire for raising £450 at their fundraiser in September for Derbyshire Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance.

Thank you

Rugby Self Store

Community Fundraiser, Lee Bunting, surprised the team at Rugby Self Store today for everything they do for your local air ambulance. By providing us with free storage, taking part in #TeamMission challenges and allowing their customers to donate clothing.

Thank you

Jethro’s Ramblers

Jethro’s Ramblers have been supporting Children’s Air Ambulance for three years and they are always looking for new ways to fundraise. To date, they have raised just under £13,000 and we want to send them a Big Thank You!