Loop the Loop challenge

Event Summary

Event Date: 23/09/2017
Location: Wellesbourne airfield, Warwickshire
Minimum Sponsorship: £350

Take Flight Aviation Ltd have created the Loop the Loop challenge with their professional aerobatics flight instructors.

The event takes place at Take Flight Aviation, Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield. Please feel free to bring along friends and family to watch and support you on the day.

We will issue you with an estimated time slot nearer the date, once we have all of our daredevils signed up.

Your flight will last 20-30 minutes, which will include a demonstration of aerobatic loops and rolls which will take your breath away!
A Go-Pro will record your entire flight and we will give you a certificate as a keepsake.

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy an amazing day!

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Able to reach speeds of up to 185mph, our state of the art AgustaWestland 109 helicopters’ average response time is just 13 minutes.

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