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Former patients feature in charity children’s book

Former patients feature in charity children’s book

Former Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) patients Buzz Shelley and Dolly Wood are set to star in a new children’s book which follows the work of the lifesaving national charity.

Both Buzz and Dolly were flown by the Children’s Air Ambulance so they could urgently receive the lifesaving medical care they desperately needed, and now the happy youngsters are proud to feature in the 40-page hardback book – Motorways in the Sky.Written by children’s author Stacey Turner and illustrated by Claire Spake – both from Hertfordshire – Motorways in the Sky is a vibrantly illustrated book aimed at families which details the lifesaving and inspiring work of the Children’s Air Ambulance.

With two helicopters based in the north and south of Great Britain, The Children’s Air Ambulance is an inter-hospital transfer service flying critically ill babies and children from one hospital to another for specialist care. The charity works with 10 NHS clinical partner teams across the country and provides its service at no cost to the NHS.

The book explores the different components of the lifesaving service, where readers can learn about the helicopter, experience the cockpit, meet the pilots and read Buzz and Dolly’s incredible stories.

Buzz’s Mum, Melissa said: “Buzz was so thrilled to be featured in this colourful, fun, and educational book which offers gentle comfort to children should they ever find themselves in Buzz’s position – needing the Children’s Air Ambulance.

“We are so grateful to the Children’s Air Ambulance for getting us to the specialist hospital so quickly and knowing that proceeds from each book go to the lifesaving charity makes Buzz even more proud to be a part of it.”

The captivating and engaging book offers reassurance, hope, and positivity to young people across Great Britain.

“Writing Motorways in the Sky has been a labour of love, I can’t wait to see this in the homes of families,” expressed Stacey Turner.

“I wanted to capture the essence of hope and love at the core of the Children’s Air Ambulance while offering reassurance and positivity to all families. Every page has been filled with tiny detail and knowledge that I, myself discovered be it on the ground or in the air,” she added.

TCAA CEO, Andy Williamson commented: “The book really brings the charity to life for both children and families.

“It showcases the vital work we do in keeping families together, introduces some of the wonderful children we’ve helped to save, and provides a unique view of the helicopters, pilots, and our brilliant children’s club #TheCrew.”

Anyone wishing to order a copy of Motorways in the Sky, please click here.