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Fleckney #TheCrew member raises funds for lifesaving Children’s Air Ambulance

Fleckney #TheCrew member raises funds for lifesaving Children’s Air Ambulance

A Fleckney boy, who despite being restricted by lockdown, still dedicated his time to raise vital funds for the Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) national charity.

Operated by The Air Ambulance Service, The Children’s Air Ambulance is an inter-hospital transfer service flying critically ill babies and children from one hospital to another for specialist care.

Last year, the Record family received a flyer through the post to design a new mascot for the Children’s Air Ambulance charity, and seven-year-old James was quick to put pen to paper and start drawing – but he didn’t stop there.

The youngster also signed up to become a member of #TheCrew, an exciting club for children, linked to the lifesaving charity – and his entrepreneurial side quickly shone through.

Wanting to help the lifesaving charity, James wasn’t keen to do a sponsored walk, suggested by his mum Laura, so he came up with his own way to raise money. He decided to gather all his prized monster drawings, set up a stall outside his home, and sell them to passers-by.

“James loves monsters and many of the ones he drew were inspired by Hotel Transylvania, like Scream Cheese,” said Laura.

James sold each of his drawings to passers-by for 50p, and he raised an impressive £63.76!

“We are extremely proud of James, his kindness to others and being so proactive is very impressive.

“We mentioned what he did to several people on social media and many chose to donate because of his thoughtfulness. This includes a famous musician who asked for a picture to put on her studio wall,” added Laura.

Youth Development Manager for TCAA, Anoushka Brown said, “James’ monster drawings are fabulous, and we are so happy that he’s enjoying being a member of #TheCrew, and we are grateful for his brilliant and unique fundraising.

“As part of #TheCrew, children can learn about saving lives, helicopters, medicine, fundraising, and how a charity works. The club offers advice and teaching on community work, volunteering, working as part of a team, and supporting good causes which form part of many school curriculums.

“It is completely free to join and, once signed up, members will receive an awesome welcome pack.”

For anyone who wants to find out more about #TheCrew or to sign up, please click here