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Thank You DSM Nutritional Products 2016

On Tuesday 16th February 2016, June Hourd from DSM Nutritional Products donated £100.09 for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance (DLRAA).

June Hourd from DSM Nutritional Products presented Richard Fletcher, Derbyshire community representative for DLRAA, with the money at their offices in Heanor Gate Industrial Estate. The donation was made from a raffle on 04/02/16, which will help the Night Car Appeal.

Our Night Car Appeal is so we can provide critical care both day and night. We must raise £139,500 to get this vital service on the road seven nights a week. Please support our appeal and help saves lives in your local community by donating a special gift today.

No one ever knows when a call is going to come in. But we do know that people in our community need our Critical Care Team both day and night. Right now our helicopters don’t fly at night. We have a good local road network and the roads are clearer at night – this is when the car really comes into its own.

Like on our helicopters, the night cars will have highly trained medics onboard who effectively bring emergency hospital care to the patient – providing vital medical intervention to them sooner. These are the things that can mean the difference between life and death.

Critical care paramedic Paul says: “it’s not how we get there that’s important; it’s that we get there”.

Each car costs £69,750 to buy and kit out. Your gift will help buy the lifesaving equipment and materials our cars need to carry.

Richard said: “I was delighted to be presented with the money by June Hourd from DSM Nutritional Products. DLRAA relies entirely on donations from members of the public as it receives no government. Therefore support from people such as June Hourd and DSM Nutritional Products really is invaluable and goes a long way to helping to keep our lifesaving service flying.”