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Rosie raises £2,745 on Four Peaks Challenge

Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance are delighted to have had a £2,745 donation after some of our keen supporters tackled the Four Peaks Challenge this August.

Rosie, who was previously rescued by Great North Air Ambulance, decided to complete the challenge to raise money for her local air ambulance. You can read her diary of the event below.

Huge thanks to Rosie and the team for all their fundraising efforts.


We had packed on Wednesday so when my dad got back from work we had supper and got in the car to head off on our four peaks challenge. The journey was 2 hours and 41mins. When we got there we realised that the hotel (Pen-Y-Gwryd) was where the first man to walk up Mount Everest stayed when he trained up Snowdon. His name was Sir Edmund Hillary.


Rosie and family 4 peaks challenge

Setting off from The Ashes farm



The first mountain we walked was Snowdon (the biggest mountain in Wales). We woke at 6:10 in the morning and because it was so early we had to make our own breakfast. We then went to the car park which was 2 mins up the road. When we got there, there was no car space so we had to wait about half an hour for a car space then it took another half hour to get ready. So in the end we left at 7:25. We climbed up the Pyg Track on the way up and even though the weather started well it ended up awful by the time we were at the top. We were soaking wet and cold so we spent 50 mins in the cafe that was at the top!

Rosie half way up Snowdon

Halfway up Snowdon


Without it I think we would have frozen. On the way down, we went down the Miners Track which was steeper but was really flat at the end. On the last flat bit I got foot cramp so there was a lot of complaining from me!

Rosie at the top of Snowdon

The top of Snowdon


After the walk we got changed and left the car park to go to the boat which was going to take us to Ireland. On the way there we got a McDonalds and did a loop around Carnarvon castle which was massive. On the way to the boat we bought some string and pegs to make a washing line in the car! How clever of my Dad to think of that!

It took an hour and a half to get to the boat and took 2 hours in the boat to get to Dublin. When we were waiting for the ferry we took advantage of the sunshine and put all our wet clothes on the side wall to dry. When we got off the boat we headed straight off to the B&B, which took just under 2 hours because we could not find it!


We woke up at 8:15 because we had a lie in. Breakfast was at 8:30 but we had it at 8:40! We then took about an hour to pack up and then another hour and 45 mins till we actually set off. We had plenty of time today!

It started off with nice weather and the first bit of the walk was through a forest which was very muggy and hot. After we had walked through the forest we were out in the open and it suddenly got cold and the weather got really bad. We climbed up the hill more and this is when the wind and rain hit us! You went straight up the hill till you hit a wall the you went left and went straight up the hill again with the wall on your right. We did this all the way up to the summit. The wind was blowing so hard that the rain was going through the wall and ever so often the wall had been broken and this is when we descended to our hands and knees because standing up was impossible. Without the wall we would have not got up, let alone down. When we got to the top luckily there were 2 women who took a picture of us which was hard because when I tried all I got was a blob of colours because I was shaking so much because the wind was so strong!

Rosie at the top of Slieve Donard

The top of Slieve Donard


On the way down I complained a lot because I was cold, wet and tired. When we got to the place where we left the wall we had our lunch. Ham, cheese, cucumber and mayonnaise. Yum, Yum, Yum, our well deserved food. Half way down the sun came out and we saw the view of Newcastle and the beach. 
Although it was the smallest mountain me and my dad knew it was the hardest. 

After the walk we got a belt for me that I never used (!) and a free calendar of what the view was like when it is nice. Then we got a double scoop ice-cream!!! 

With Slieve Donard done, we headed off to the ferry back to England. The ferry took us to Liverpool over night – we left at 10:00 and arrived at 6:30. The ferry was really cool and we had our own cabin to sleep in and have a shower.


We got woken up at 5:30 because the captain informed us that we could now have breakfast but me and my dad stayed in bed till 6:00 when we then got ready. After we were ready we headed down and got a coffee and a hot chocolate. Then we got off the boat in a our car and started off on our 2 hour journey to Scafell Pike. On the way there we stopped for breakfast – I got a sausage sandwich and daddy got a bacon sandwich and we bought our lunch there. After this we went straight to Scafell Pike and got ready and started to climb and for a surprise the rain did not follow us here! The walk was nice and steady but with a gradual climb and the walk to the summit was very rocky.

Rosie climbing Scafell Pike

Climbing Scafall Pike


On the top we had a sandwich and then headed straight down again because it had got windy but luckily it did not rain and as soon as we had got lower a bit the wind had gone. On the way to Rowena’s we saw lots of nice views. They all were very pretty. 
After we had walked our 3rd mountain we went to Rowena’s house for the night and me and my dad both loved seeing Edwin (he is so cute). For supper we had pasta (which was very tasty). After this I went straight to bed. Well, after reading for a bit!

Rosie at the top of Scafell Pike

The top of Scafell Pike



We woke up at 4:00 and were rolling in the car by 4:20. The journey was 3 hours 43 mins and when I slept my dad had to drive (poor him). When we got to Fort William we looked out for a café to have breakfast in and at the train station we found one. Here we got a coffee and a hot chocolate. I got a sausages sandwich and Daddy got a bacon sandwich and to add to that Daddy got a millionaire shortbread and I got a rocky road. A very healthy breakfast!

We got to Fort William by 8:00 and were walking by 8:45. Ben Nevis was hard at the top but the walk through the bracken was easy and ZIG ZAGED across the hill which made it easier – the only bad thing was that it had stone steps all the way up. After climbing through the bracken we went across the hill and this was the worst part because it was so windy. This was when the stones went and we got a track. A lot of people had turned back because it was so windy but we plodded on and got on to the slightly less windy bit.  Then it started to rain and the winds got stronger so it felt like needles in our skin.  It was like this all the way up until we got in the clouds near the summit. When we where in the clouds we asked someone how far till we get to the summit. They said 10mins but an hour and a half later we asked someone else and they said 30mins. An hour later we asked another person and they said 2 mins and 30mins later the next person said 2 mins and then, finally, 30mins later we reached the summit!!!!!! We asked a person to take a photo of us at the top and as soon as they did we went straight back down because it was so cold. On the way back my dad’s knee hurt from his old injury. The worst bit was on the stones. We must have gone the wrong way because we ended up in a place we had never seen before so we looked at the map and realised that we had come too much to the left so we followed the river till we got back on the right path.

Rosie at the top of Ben Nevis

The top of Ben Nevis


Back at the car we got all our clothes off and put on nice and warm ones. Then we set off on our 2 minute drive to our house B&B. The B&B was so cool – our room was like a small house. After we had got all our stuff in the B&B we went out for supper. I had a burger with chips and Daddy had a steak. It was all yummy. Then we came back to the B&B and watched a film. After that we went to bed and fell asleep straight away.


We had a full Scottish breakfast and then set off on our seven hour journey back home.


Challenge Complete!