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Own a piece of Hette Helicopter!

Here’s your chance to own part of Hette Helicopter – a limited set of 100 souvenirs that came from the helicopter itself has gone on sale.

David Moreton, Hette’s owner, is offering an exclusive series of numbered and boxed parts of the helicopter shell that went into making Hette, with proceeds going to support our Charity.

For your chance to own your own part of Hette Helicopter and help out your local air ambulance, visit Hette’s Facebook page and send in a message. Each part is just £10.

Hette will also be back on the road throughout this year, making lots of special guest appearances. If you’ve got a special event that could benefit from an appearance from Hette, you can also request to book her by visiting her Facebook page and messaging David.

If you haven’t seen the old helicopter shell being transformed into Hette on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, head over to 4OD and catch up with Season 4, Episode 3.