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Embrace completes 100th transfer

Our work with one of our clinical partner teams has reached a landmark milestone.nnEmbrace, the specialist transport service for critically ill infants and children in Yorkshire and Humber, is celebrating its 100th flight with the Children’s Air Ambulance.nnFollowing the recent safe transfer of three-month-old Sofia Taylor from Leeds to London by helicopter, parents and professionals are expressing their gratitude for this unique service.nnAfter a check-up showed that little Sofia required urgent open-heart surgery, she needed to be rushed to London.nnTransport Nurse Louise Kay and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Sally Courtney from Embrace prepared Sofia for the journey and travelled with her as the helicopter flew from Leeds down to Evelina Children’s Hospital in London in 90 minutes. They worked alongside the Children’s Air Ambulance flight crew to keep Sofia safe and well during the transfer. Sofia’s mum, Danielle Gaynon from Rotherham said: “The team were amazing. They made us calm and relaxed in a difficult time. We’re so grateful to the teams from Embrace and The Children’s Air Ambulance. Sofia’s surgery was a success, and getting her to the operation so quickly would have been so difficult without this service.”nnEmbrace, part of Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, started working with the Children’s Air Ambulance only three years ago, as they collaborated to transport children in the Yorkshire and Humber region by helicopter. Last year, 35 helicopter missions were completed as part of 22,600 overall air miles.nnRichard Clayton, Director of Operations at the Children’s Air Ambulance, said: “This is a significant milestone both for us and Embrace. They are a fantastic team to work with and we have developed a really strong partnership since our first flight together. This is something to be proud of, knowing that together we have made a real difference to the lives of 100 children and their families and we look forward to continuing to work together in the years to come.’’