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Declutter with the Minimalism Challenge 2021

Whether it’s a big event such as a wedding, birthday or Christmas, many of us may still be trying to find storage to put some of the clothes, toys and gifts that we’ve received for our special occasion. If you’re finding drawers are full, wardrobes are bursting open and kitchen cupboards are precariously balancing breakables behind the doors then you need to take part in the Minimalism Challenge 2021.

What is the Minimalism Challenge?

This is a challenge where the goals are set by you. There’s no target apart from to declutter what you don’t use to appreciate what you have by recycling, donating or repurposing one item a day for a set period.

Many people choose to do their challenge over 30 days where by they go through and remove a collection of things or one item that they know is just taking up room.

We have provided a printable / viewable doc which gives some ideas and guidance as to where to start and what to declutter first but you can really choose what you want.

What do I do with the things I don’t want?

We know the environment is in a dire state so this isn’t a challenge to worsen the landfill problem, but to sell on, donate or repair items that may have some life and value left in them.

There are so many ways you can get your donations to be reused;

  • Donation Banks are still available and allow you to donate good quality clothes and paired shoes. But remember, if they’re full then take them back home with you rather than leaving at the side of or in front of the banks.
  • ClickSit Free Post service is being operated by some charities, including The Air Ambulance Service. Simply fill a box, request your freepost label and then drop at your local Collect+ store
  • Put aside for when the shops open as stock levels have dwindled for many charities over the past 12 months. Good quality items from across different seasons all go towards keeping shops stocked throughout the year.
  • Find out if there’s a specific company that deals with recycling certain products. From earphones, to dog beds, old towels or car parts, there are many companies that will take certain items off of your hands and either recycle or utilise them.

How do I share my progress?

We want to hear all about how you’re finding the challenge, so feel free to share the amazing things you’ve been donating or revamping with us on social channels. Of course, if you’re interested in sharing your journey with us then get in touch as we’d love to hear it and share how you’ve found the challenge on our blog.

Download Your Challenge Checklist