Dave’s story

Help us to keep saving lives

It wasn’t until I needed the air ambulance last summer when I had a horrific car accident, that I truly appreciated what the charity does. I was driving to work when an oncoming car flipped over and landed on mine. I had to be pulled from my burning car, I was unconscious and in a really bad way, I had a fractured skull and collapsed lungs.

The air ambulance arrived within just minutes. My injuries needed complex treatment at the roadside. This included fitting me with chest drains to release a build-up of fluids that compromised my breathing. It took 28 minutes to stabilise me before I was airlifted to hospital.

“There’s no two ways about it, without them I simply wouldn’t be here today.”

By that evening I was awake and my family were with me. I had plates put in my broken jaw and I was treated for broken ribs, skull, eye socket and neck fractures as well as two bleeds on my brain.

A special gift today could buy the essential medical equipment like chest drains needed to save more lives.

I was astounded to learn that the charity receives no government funding. My family and I are so thankful that the air ambulance was there that dreadful day; our gratitude is not just for the crew but also to all those whose generous support meant the helicopter could be there for me.

My grandson Stellan was only four months old when I had my accident, so to be here and see him grow up is an absolute joy. My family and I have a new appreciation for life and will soon be welcoming a second grandchild; a future that without this great charity I simply wouldn’t see.

“Thanks to the air ambulance my wife has a husband, my children have a dad and my grandchildren have their Grampy.”

By donating a special gift you could help our local air ambulance be there for others, like me, when they need them most. For someone that will be today.

We cover 3,850 sq. miles, and a population of 3,277,274.

3,850 sq. miles
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