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Air Ambulance Crew + Team

Every person who works at The Air Ambulance Service is a lifesaver. Whether they are part of our Critical Care Team, an Ambassador of our charity or running the day-to-day from Head Office.

Toyah Willcox

Toyah Willcox has been in show business since she was 18, thats 44 years and is a multi award-winning singer/actress/ writer, having made over 28 studio albums, 3 of which are platinum sellers and 13 top 40 singles. Toyah's latest album In the Court of the Crimson Queen immediately charted in 2019 with rave reviews. This year Toyah's entire back catalogue is due for re-release and she continues to tour, write and act in films. The films To Be Someone and Give Them Wings are about to be released. Toyah's brother Kim was an RAF Harrier Fighter Pilot and he continues to fly privately today, so Toyah knows the vital importance of the Children's Air Ambulance when it comes to saving lives.

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