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Could We Be Your Charity of the Year?

Could We Be Your Charity of the Year?

It’s a huge privilege when we hear a company, group or organisation has chosen The Air Ambulance Service to be their charity of the year and offer the support and guidance to ensure you are equipped with everything you need.


Why Support a Charity

We know it’s a big commitment supporting a charity for the year and not something that businesses choose lightly. Making sure you understand what your support goes towards is vital to keeping passionate about a cause for 365 days. Whether it’s a bigger organisation or a smaller, local charity, whoever you decide to support, ensuring you feel you have contributed to making a difference is part and parcel of what it’s about.


How to Choose a Charity

There are so many charities across the UK that need supporting to keep their services going, but choosing one comes down to various factors;

  • Who do you feel most passionate about – whether it’s the cause, the locality, those who are impacted by the service.
  • Where can you see the difference being made through your support
  • What does your support mean to the charity

For us at  The Air Ambulance Service, through our supporters, we’ve been able to develop our team, our equipment, our aircraft and vehicles to provide the best critical care we can across the regions we service. We save lives on a daily basis, but even for those where it isn’t possible, we offer the highest care in any situation.


How to Choose Us

It’s easy! We have a number of Community Fundraisers within the area who will be able to give you all the information you need. Whether it’s ideas on fundraising, information on events, or even how to start your own, we provide support to make it easier for you to support us.

Get in touch with our fundraising team today by email or by calling our head office on 0300 3045 999.


Want to support with a donation?

If you’re passionate about what we do, you can donate to us through our website, post, or by calling our team. Every penny helps to keep us doing what we do best, so thank you for considering us.