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5 Charity Christmas Gifts Ideas for All the Family

We know – nobody wants to start thinking about the ‘C’ word just yet, but with autumn officially here, Christmas will be with us before you know it, and the best way to avoid the pre-Christmas chaos is to start thinking about it ahead of time.

For those who celebrate, Christmas may mean something a little different to all of us; whether it’s an important occasion in terms of your faith, or a day to spend time with the people you love, the festive season is filled with opportunities to be kind to others, to give to those less fortunate, and to bring smiles to the faces of those you care about.

That’s why charity shops are a brilliant place to do your Christmas shopping. Not only does it mean that you can bring the Christmas cheer to your loved ones without breaking the bank, but it’s also far kinder to the environment, it funds worthwhile causes, and it’s a brilliant way to find unique treasures that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Need a little inspiration for your charity Christmas gifts this year? Look no further!

Secondhand books for the bookworm in your life

There are countless ways to enjoy books these days – from audiobooks, Kindles and all the other eReaders on the market – but for those who still enjoy a good old fashioned page between their fingers, charity shops offer an incredible selection of books, and for a fraction of the price of high street stores.
You might be surprised to learn that charity shops are often filled with new and recent releases, as there are many avid readers out there who donate new books after reading them once and moving on to the next one. Whether you’re on the hunt for a bit of fantastical fiction or a riveting romance, your local charity shop will be sure to have something to excite the bookworm in your life.

A dashing bit of knitwear for those cosy winter months

From hats and scarves, to handmade throws, to cashmere treasures and those novelty Christmas jumpers – there are countless knitted gems to be found in Charity shops.
Whether you’re looking for something on the sillier side, or a high quality piece of knitwear at a majorly reduced price, it’s well worth scanning through the racks at your local charity shop to see what you can find. It’s worth remembering that you’ll often find brand new clothing with tags on, so you may end up grabbing yourself an absolute bargain!

Kids Club membership sign-up

Whether it’s your own little ones, or you’re shopping for nieces, nephews or grandkids, buying for the kiddies can be a real challenge – especially if they have plenty of toys already – but we can offer one gift that you won’t find in any other store; #TheCrew Children’s Club membership.
This gift will teach your children the value of getting involved in charity work, as well as offering up a load of facts about helicopters, medicine, and saving lives. Members will also enjoy the opportunity to come to special events where they can see our helicopters and meet our pilots, doctors and paramedics.
Exclusive to the charity, and complete with mascots Blade and sidekick Peggy, we’re sure that opening their membership on Christmas morning will bring a smile to the faces of your favourite little ones!


A donation in memory of a loved one

Despite the fun, festivities and celebrations we all associate with this time of year, we understand that Christmas can also be an incredibly difficult time for so many people; whether it’s the first or the thirtieth Christmas without a loved one, we never forget the people we’ve lost, and special occasions such as Christmas often amplify their absence even more.

A donation in memory of a loved one can be a wonderful way to honour their lives, and charities offer many different ways to do this. Whether you have a tree planted in their memory, you post on an online tribute page, or you add a virtual Christmas bauble to a tree for all to see, donating in memory of someone not only helps to keep their memory alive, but by giving to charity, their legacy lives on in the most wonderful way of all; by helping others in a time of need.

Treats for the furry members of the family

Any pet owner knows that pets are very much a part of the family, so why wouldn’t you get them a gift, too? It’s not just animal charities that can provide the perfect gift for your furry friends – many local charities have brand new items for you to purchase in-store or online that will spoil your pets this Christmas.
From toys to collars, and chews to water bowls, there’s something for every pet to enjoy; it just depends whether they’re on Santa’s naughty or nice list!

Find your own way to give back this Christmas

If you’ve not shopped in charity shops before, you may have misconceptions about what it will be like, or how reliable it’ll be for finding suitable gifts. Remember that charity shops only accept items that are in good condition, and are often filled with brand new and barely-used items, so don’t write it off for that reason! It can be a real adventure looking for treasures, and you’ll often end up surprised at what you find. You don’t always need to know what you’re looking for – inspiration will find you while you’re browsing, and you’ll come away with some really unique gifts that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

None of us are strangers to the cost of living crisis, and Christmas can be a real cause of anxiety when finances are tight. Remember, it really is the thought that counts, so why not start browsing now and slowly start gathering a selection of charity shop gifts in time for the big day? Your friends and family will be thrilled with the thoughtfulness of their gifts, and you can ease the pressure on yourself by getting ahead before the pre-Christmas crunch.

If you don’t physically need to purchase anything from a charity shop, but you still want to donate to a good cause during the festive season, you can make a one-off donation to The Air Ambulance Service and give the gift of saving a life this year.

All of our items are dependent on what we get donated so we can’t guarantee the above will be available but we welcome you to visit your nearest store or browse online to see if you can find what you’re looking for.