Christmas Appeal

Keep your local air ambulance flying in the skies this Christmas!

Today Kathy Bly, a former patient, is supporting our 2018 Christmas Appeal. We were there to rescue Kathy after a terrible car accident which happened when she was heavily pregnant with her son Ben. If you were to give a Christmas gift right now, you will be enabling us to help more people like Kathy and Ben.

Kathy was just days away from her maternity leave, when her car skidded on ice and she terrifyingly ended up in a head on collision. Kathy had broken her clavicle and was in a really bad way and even worse her baby was in danger.

We were called to the rescue to administer the critical care she needed and urgently flew her to hospital. On arrival she was given an emergency caesarean and luckily her son Ben soon arrived into the world.

“It was like an episode of ER!!” says Kathy, “But I am so grateful for the role the air ambulance played in Ben’s arrival, because without them he might not be here today. We will never forget the dramatic part they played in his birth”.

With support from people like you we can help many more patients like Kathy, so please give a gift to our 2018 Christmas Appeal.

Our crew are ready to go 365 days a year, including Christmas Day, but only because of the commitment and generosity of local people like you. Thank you.

Learn more about Kathy’s story here.

On average our services attend around 1,800 rescue missions per year.

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