Christmas Appeal – TCAA
Christmas Appeal – TCAA

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Christmas Appeal

This Christmas are you able to donate to help keep the Children’s Air Ambulance flying?

The Best Gift of All

Will you help more critically ill babies this Christmas?

“I’d only held my son for five minutes, then we were separated by 75 miles” – Emily, Caiden’s mum.

Babies like Caiden who are born prematurely or through a traumatic birth need immediate specialist care to give them the best chance to survive. Just four hours after his birth, the doctors knew he needed specialist cooling therapy to reduce the chance of severe brain damage. Caiden was taken to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, separated from his mum, who was still recovering from surgery.

The Children’s Air Ambulance flew from Oxford to Plymouth to collect Caiden, supported by the specialist NHS Clinical Partner Team, NEST – an expert neonatal team from University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. It took just 26 minutes to fly him back to Taunton – three times faster than the journey would’ve taken by road.

Caiden’s story is just one that had a positive outcome because of supporters like you.

Your gift today will help keep the Children’s Air Ambulance flying, helping more babies and children, like Caiden, make essential journeys in 2023. You’ll also give parents invaluable peace of mind at a chaotic and traumatic time.

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It was the hardest ten days of my life, and we were just overwhelmed with gratitude to the Children’s Air Ambulance and the NEST team for getting Caiden back safely and quickly. Emily, Caiden's mum
Caiden's Story

Give the Best Gift of All

Caiden's Story

We’ve given many families the chance to celebrate precious moments with their little ones because of the generous donations of our supporters.

Sprinkle a little love and cheer this year by getting involved with some of our amazing activities this Christmas. Take part in our Santa Fun run, or get involved in our amazing #TheCrew Compeition.

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