A lifesaving transfer service for critically ill babies and children

When a child is too sick to travel, we can fly medical teams and bespoke equipment to them from across the UK, turning their local hospital into a specialist centre.

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Our Appeal

Help to save a child’s life by supporting the Children’s Air Ambulance. Read about Oscar’s story and how we helped to get him the urgent care he needed.

Our Vision

We want children to grow into adults, we want adults to live longer and we want bereavement through trauma to become rare.

2020 Mission stats

  • 64Patient Transfers
  • 2Aircraft
  • 222hrsTime Flown
  • 10CPTs
  • 1Team Moves
  • £3500Avg Mission Cost

Nothing is more precious than time and our helicopters complete journeys 4x faster than those taken by road, reducing the risk of further complications and helping to save lives.

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Lucy Barker

Lucy is a pupil at Hatfield Woodhouse Primary and planned to hold a doughnut sale, fundraising for the Children’s Air Ambulance before Covid19. Thinking outside the box, Lucy has raised an amazing £69.33, selling fruit from her parents orchard - well done!

"Volunteering is not a job, it’s a hobby and a great way to join a new community. I think the best feeling is when you get your uniform for the first time and everything after that being able to put it on and know you’re making a difference for someone out there.” Poppy Barnes