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Charity’s stores are reopening!

Charity’s stores are reopening!

With the charity’s home stores already open, preparations have now been made for the reopening of the rest of Your Local Air Ambulance’s and Children’s Air Ambulance’s stores– subject to Government guidelines – between the 18th and 20th June.

Operated by The Air Ambulance Service, the numerous charity shops are a popular shopping destination for the local residents in each community- and detailed below is a list of each stores’ opening dates.

Income from the stores enables the charity to operate their lifesaving services and support NHS partners working on the frontline.

During the current Covid-19 crisis the charity has continued to provide vital critical care services and have been attending missions 24/7 throughout this difficult period.

Store manager Tina Allen has a message for existing and new customers:

“It is safe to shop and donate. We look forward to welcoming you to the store. Please come along and help save lives by supporting our cause”.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the charity is facing a projected net loss of income of at least £2.18million for the months April to June. It has also had to spend £22,000 on installing screens, hand sanitiser stations, social distancing signage and other health and safety measures in its network of shops.

“The safety of our customers, volunteers and staff is our priority. We had fantastic support from the local community before the lockdown and I thank them for that. My hope now is that it will continue when we reopen.”

“The quality and range of stock in the stores has not been affected by the lockdown and when we reopen there will be the usual array of bargains and good value buys from summer clothing, books and games to household items, electrical goods and a range of brand new garden furniture and accessories,” says Tina.

Payments will be card only and collection and delivery services will be operated within social distancing guidelines with one driver only in a vehicle. This will limit the type and size of items that can be handled.

Donations will only be collected from outside properties and should be left in a garden or on a driveway.  Any changes to these arrangements will be advertised on the charity’s website.

Updates for customers will be posted on the stores’ social media channels