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Charitable Celebration Favours for your Event

Your wedding day is one to remember for the rest of your life and you may want to give something back to those who are spending the day with you so they can remember your special day too. Wedding favours have come on a long way over the year, with many charities now offering options for gifting to loved ones.

Whether it’s a physical gift or a donation in lieu, there are many ways you can support charities and give favours to guests to say thank you for attending your special occasion. At The Air Ambulance Service, we have a few options to help you find the right gift for your guests and help give back to causes you feel most passionate about.


Charity Place Cards and Glasses Holders

We offer specific place cards and drinkware cards, which tell the guests that a donation has been made instead of receiving a gift. This reduces the wastage of unwanted favours and all cards can be recycled to help the environment after the event.

If you are wanting a physical gift, then read more below on our pin badges, as these can be attached to our place cards for a lovely look and practical use for your tables.


Air Ambulance Pin Badges

If you want something physical to give as a favour then choose either our yellow HEMS helicopter pins or our Children’s aircraft pin badges,   to show your support for our services and help us to reach those that need us 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our badges are made of zinc alloy with soft enamel and plated faux gold. The fastening is a butterfly clutch pin so is tightly secured on the back suitable for daily wear. At just 33 x 14.8 mm, our badges fit perfectly on a jacket lapel, tie or collar, and look smart for formal occasions or as an everyday accessory. By wearing a pin badge, you’re showing your support for our services, you’re actively helping to raise awareness of our service and the work our critical care teams do on a daily basis.


Environmentally Friendly Wedding Favours

If you’re conscious of the impact your wedding or celebration may have on the environment then our favours may be the choice for you. All of the card used for the placeholders or backing of our pin badges is completely recyclable, so you can rest knowing there’s nothing single use about your favours.


How to Order Charity Celebration Favours

If you’re interested in our favours or would like more information on other ways you can support us at your special event, then our team are waiting to hear from you. Contact us either via the phone or by completing our Contact Us form, and our team will discuss the dates of your event, as well as any other details you may need to ensure you find the right option for what you want on your special day.


How Your Favours Support The Air Ambulance Service?

When purchasing our favours, your donation goes directly back into the charity allowing us to help those that need our services most. From saving lives at the roadside to transferring children from one hospital to another, your help makes a difference to lives across the country.