Air Ambulance Week Appeal

We attend an average of
two RTCs involving a lorry a month

Angie was one of those people who needed our help

Your support today could help us to save more lives like Angie’s so please give what you can today.

“It’s not until you have a personal experience with the air ambulance that you truly realise how wonderful the crew and helicopters are. I don’t remember anything about the accident, and in a way I’m so grateful for that, but I do know that without them that day. I may not have survived.”
– Patient Angie Crompton

Angie had dropped her son at school and then while driving home collided with a lorry. Six weeks later she woke up in hospital having suffered a broken neck and life threatening head injuries.

Our crew had arrived within minutes and began the battle to save Angie’s life. After treating her at the scene she was quickly flown to University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire and within an hour was receiving intensive care.

It took Angie six months of recovery before she was released from hospital and since then she has become a passionate supporter and was recently able to visit our base and meet the crew who saved her life.

Could you give a gift today and help save more lives like Angie’s? Please give what you can today.

You can find out more about Angie’s story here.

Air Ambulance Week 2016

“I have my own very personal reason for wearing a yellow cross this month. Two years ago the air ambulance saved my life and I want to show my support and gratitude. I firmly believe that without them, I would not be here today.”
– Patient Angie Crompton

Could you join Angie and our army of street collectors handing out pin badges in exchange for donations? Air Ambulance Week takes place from 17th – 25th September and there is bound to be a collection near you.

Air Ambulance

The Air Ambulance Service does not receive any government funding. Our lifesaving missions are fuelled by your donations.

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