Air ambulance completes marathon three missions in one day

Today our lifesaving transfer service for critically ill children managed something never done before in its history.nnOur pilots flew three separate missions across the country, working with three different transport teams and visiting four major cities.nnBy road, the three journeys undertaken by our clinical partner teams would have taken a total of 6hrs 39min – and at least two hours each. By helicopter, the longest journey was just 40mins, and the shortest was under 30min.nnTotal flying time for our clinical partner teams was just 1hr 41min in total – meaning they were available to help even more children with their saved four hours of travelling time.nnOne flight safely delivered a baby to hospital, while the other two meant that specialist teams of clinicians could get across the country in record time.nnEach mission our vital service carries out costs an average of £2,800. To help raise the funds we need to help more sick children like the ones we helped today or others like Bella, Jack and Alex, click here to donate.