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Memorial Christmas Gift Ideas for Remembering Loved Ones


Christmas is a time of year that can bring up memories of loved ones no longer here, making it a difficult time of year for many. Regardless of whether someone has been without their loved one for a few weeks or many years, grief can still be as painful, so it can help to find ways to give a gift in memory at Christmas for that special someone.

Create a Tribute 

Having somewhere to share memories of a loved one is important, but making it accessible for everyone is also key. Creating a tribute to a loved one has never been easier and is a great way to share memories, photos and even donate to a great cause in loving memory.

By giving the gift of a tribute page, close friends and family can share a memory. Send a link to the page and share the incredible memories you have which others will love to see.

Give a Monetary Gift to a Good Cause

If there is a charity your loved one was passionate about, then why not donate in memory of them at Christmas? For many charities, winter is a tough time to fundraise as the colder weather and darker nights draw in, people reserve their spending for festivities and many companies have a shut down for the festive season.

Donating in memory can keep their legacy alive as you can continue their support even when they’re no longer here. 

Give a Memorial Tree Decoration

A sentimental gift to give in memoriam is by adding a tree decoration or bauble to your tree in their memory. Many charities offer designs of Christmas decorations that are perfect for hanging on trees or mantlepieces and can make a heart-warming gift for friends and family who also want to feel closer to loved ones at this time of year.

If you would rather give a virtual decoration, then see whether your charity of choice has an online service that allows you to turn a Christmas light on in memory, or add a bauble to a virtual tree.

Arrange the gift of Tree Planting

From hanging decorations on trees to planting one in memory, this way of remembrance is a great gift for those who would like a place to visit and reflect at times that are important to them, including Christmas. There are many places that offer a tree planting service where you can choose the tree you want and have them plant it to create and grow a wonderful forest.

The National Forest has different partnerships which allow people to plant trees to create a memorial woodland and help build a natural and tranquil setting to visit and walkthrough. 

Gift a candle each year

Lighting a candle in remembrance can bring comfort and reflection for those who want to feel the presence of those no longer with us in person. When it comes to Christmas, lights are a big part of the celebrations whether it’s on a Christmas tree, outside the house or singing about them in carols, so it makes sense that lighting a candle is a beautiful way to remember loved ones at this time of year.

Providing a gift in the form of a candle can be lit throughout the festive season, and when to use, it can be a gift that is replaced year after year to start a new tradition.