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5 Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Active at Home

With more and more of us needing to stay behind closed doors over the coming weeks, the toll this can take on both physical and mental health can’t be underestimated. For those that thrive in the company of others, being shut off can be even harder so it’s key to look after your wellbeing in every way possible.

With so much time to spare, many people are feeling their time needs to be filled by doing something useful and worthwhile like writing their first book or learning a new skill. This can then put undue pressure on yourself in a time where stress is already rife.

If doing things you’ve always wanted to do is enjoyable, then immerse yourself wholly in doing it, but don’t feel this time has to be used wisely; binge-watch your favourite show, read your favourite book again and cook the same meals you always do if that’s what makes you happy.

From sewing to jigsaws, people are sharing all of their mindfulness tips for keeping positive in uncertain times. Whether it’s walking out in the fresh air with the birds and nature as company or completing word puzzles in front of the TV, there’s a way for everyone to help take their mind off what’s happening around them, even if it’s just for a short time.

Getting fresh air is crucial to a healthy mind and body. Whether it’s pottering in your garden or taking a stroll further afield in non-populated areas, getting out and about in rural settings without the risk of meeting others, can do you the world of good. With the British weather being unpredictable, getting out come rain or shine will do you the world of good – just wrap up!

Whether it’s finding a video on YouTube or digging out the old DVDs that have been gathering dust, whilst gyms are closed and local sports groups aren’t in action, utilising the space within your home is just as good if you need to burn off extra energy. Whether it’s muscle building, cardio or stretches, there are lots of online resources that can help you stay fit and healthy in both mind and body.

One of the easiest ways to keep your mind focussed and reduce stress is by doing something creative. From baking to painting, knitting to writing, there are no set rules to what you can create and how. Unleashing your creative side can help with problem solving whilst allowing you to express yourself, and in the toughest of times, this is a huge blessing.

These are our tips for keeping healthy, whether you’re working from home, spending more time indoors, or just need a break from the everyday norm. Please share with us your tips for keeping healthy on our social channels and we’ll be happy to share with our community.