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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Garden This Summer

With Summer well and truly on its way, more people are making the most of their gardens whilst spending time at home. Whether it’s a lush lawn with flower beds, or a dainty shared garden, there are so many activities to enjoy come rain or shine.


Since lockdown there have been huge increases in the purchase of bird seed, with many suppliers struggling to keep up with demand. For many, encouraging wildlife into the garden is something that provides purpose and a little normality that distracts from the current global crisis.

Of course, it’s always interesting to see what birds you’re feeding. By simply sitting quietly or viewing from a window, take an interest in who is visiting you and start to note them down. You can even play a ‘bingo’ game with children to make it fun whilst learning about all the incredible British birds that are literally on your doorstep.

If you’re keen to get involved in the craze, there are many feeders you can buy, including those to attach to a window if you don’t have the space for a full bird table – you’ll soon start to notice repeat visitors that come by for their breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Whether the thought of sleeping in a tent appals or excites to you, garden camping gives us a great chance to have the peacefulness of sleeping under the stars, whilst knowing a hot shower is a mere few steps away.

With most festivals cancelled and the chance unavailable to ‘rough it’ for a few nights over the bank holidays, use the time at home to dust off the tent and pegs and get set up for a night in the open air anyway. Kids will love the adventure and sleeping somewhere new, and adults can play music and pretend for one evening that they’re in the grounds of Glastonbury or Download (minus the mud of course!)


If you’re not ‘green fingered’ potting plants is the perfect way to add some colour to your garden and window boxes. With plants suitable for all weather conditions, you can have a garden that blooms all year round. If you’re feeling more adventurous, give growing vegetables a go, look at the best months for planting your favourites and pick the perfect spot to nurture them.

As well as looking lovely, flowers will also attract different wildlife to your garden such as bees which we’re critically reliant on for our survival. By encouraging these fuzzy beings into your garden, you can have an impact on keeping them going and doing your bit to encourage pollination.


Use your time whilst pottering around the garden to help raise money for worthwhile causes. Whether it’s friendly competitions with neighbours growing the biggest sunflower or exercising on the bike machine in replacement of a bikeathon, there are so many ways you can use your outdoor space to do some good.

There are so many ideas out there on how people got out and about in their own back yards to help raise £millions,  just look at Captain John Moore and his incredible back yard walk or the 2.6 challenge that was hosted in replacement of the Virgin London Marathon, who says you need to do something special, to do something special.


Whether it’s firing up the BBQ or serving a simple salad, enjoying the outdoor space whilst eating your favourite food can take you off to a faraway place. Put on some music, pour yourself a drink and pretend you’re somewhere other than the sunny UK.

Making an effort to cook fresh meals can make a huge difference to the mind and relaxation. It doesn’t have to be fancy but find what you love and enjoy it outside, in different surroundings to the lounge or dining room.

However big or small your garden, there are so many ways to enjoy it. With so many people across the UK spending so much longer in their homes it’s never been more important to get out in the fresh air, observe nature and enjoy the little things.