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5 Ways Businesses and Charities Can Support Each Other

These uncertain times have affected all UK businesses, forcing them to adapt, evaluate and assess their operation to get through the crisis. As a charity, we have also seen the effects firsthand but by working in partnership with other businesses, we’ve seen how together we can offer support.

Here are 5 ways we feel privileged to work with some great businesses;

Working alongside a business offers a great chance for brand exposure for both sides of the partnership. Whether it’s explaining more about what each other does, sharing the services that are provided, or promoting the partnership that has been formed, there is something that both parties can get involved with.

Through the power of newsletters, social posts and blogs, the awareness of a business and charity is twofold and can benefit and support both causes.


When it comes to donations, it doesn’t have to come from pounds and pence. As a charity that offers a free of charge IT recycling scheme, we offer businesses a service to get their items cleared and cleansed to the highest standard. This then allows us to sell on the ‘good as new’ items that help to raise funds for our services.

By offering services to businesses, this can help to fund our cause whilst also saving organisations money – it’s win-win.


Regardless of your business, social is the portal to sharing news, updates and promotions across your own business and others. By partnering together with charities, news can be shared across all channels, reaching double the amount of audiences from your own circle of followers.

As well as this, sharing published content offers an opportunity from a marketing perspective to support traffic generation and readership to both websites. In turn, this could lead to conversions of enquiries or donations of people who may have never normally been aware of the services offered.


Gaining traction for a fundraising event can be tough, especially if it’s aim is to raise awareness. By joining forces both parties can help to spread the word. Whether it’s fundraising in a specific region or as an activity that ties in with a partnership, looping in with contacts if the perfect way to help gain more eyes on your event.


The most rewarding factor a charity and business get from joining forces the ongoing partnership that is formed to help support all of the above. From awareness to brand exposure, there are opportunities held on both sides for working side by side. For local charities and businesses, there is often a common ground of knowing what each other stands for, but even for big national companies, the passion and understanding of a charities services are what can keep them working together for years to come.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our corporate partners, you can contact us here.