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5 Virtual Ideas to Keep You Connected

Feeling the strain of being inside four walls? Missing key moments with loved ones? With the current situation still preventing contact with others outside your own home, there are ways to keep things moving with your favourite people, even if you can’t in person. Whether you prefer Zoom, Facebook calls, Whatsapp or House Party, here is our list of ideas to help keep you connected.

Take it turns with your favourite people to do a weekly quiz on the same night each week to keep some routine, whilst testing your brainpower. Use it as a chance to dress up fancy or embrace fancy dress and have a great time from your home with the people that mean the most to you.

Don’t fancy doing the hard work? There are many local quizmasters who are taking upon themselves to still provide weekly quizzes that you can tune into on various platforms including Facebook. Our very own quizmaster Lee Bunting has his own Quiz each week where you can tune in for free, but any donations you could give helps us save lives.

Do you love a board game but household members have clocked on to your tricks? Arranging a virtual board games evening with friends is easier that it sounds. Try a game of Scattegories, so simple even little ones can get involved and you can grab everything you need from online – easy! There are lots of other simple games that can be played virtually, as long as you trust your opponents enough not cheat!

Many weddings have been postponed due to the COVID-19 with Stag and Hen Do’s being pushed back as well, but this hasn’t stopped some groups surprising their bride-to-be with a virtual hen do. From sending the invitations to dropping off props and goodies, many are enjoying an ‘evening out’ from the safety of home. It’s of course not the same as a weekend with your best pals, but in trying times like these, finding way to still celebrate milestones is what make the days and weeks go that little bit quicker.

Many mums-to-be are having to adapt to the ways of life without contact with the ones they rely on most. It’s still possible to have a baby shower to celebrate this incredible occasion, and it’s certainly a story to tell your little ones when they’re old enough. Get everyone together on a virtual chat and play games, bake cakes and just share the time together in the best way you can; there will be plenty of chances to make up for the lost time that you’re experiencing at the moment and it’ll be even more special.

There have been many fundraising efforts over the last weeks from the 2.6 challenge to all of the TikTok crazes. Whether you want to do this as a group or on your own, keeping in touch by sharing the hard work you’re putting in for charities such as ours is a sure fire way to keep people inspired. With Captain Tom Moore raising millions of £s for the NHS, it really goes to show that anyone can make a difference during lockdown or not.

We’re keen to hear what you’ve been doing to stay connected with the real world so tell us on our social channels.