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Patients return to thank air ambulance

Dozens of former air ambulance patients and their families turned out for a very special ‘reunion’ event at Coventry Airport on Thursday night.

They were were able to get a close look at the helicopter and meet some of the crew.

The successful event at Coventry Aeroplane Club had been organised to mark the local air ambulance’s 25,000th mission which was completed in June.

Those attending included people of all ages who had been rescued after road accidents, medical emergencies, industrial accidents, sporting injuries and falls. Some were still recovering as their accidents had only happened in the past few months. Others attended even though their involvement with the service dated back years.

They took the chance to meet staff, tell their stories and say thanks for saving their lives.

Patients also had the chance to take a close look at our new night car which was launched earlier this year.

The event was open to anyone who had been helped by the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance since it was launched in 2003.

Every mission costs approximately £1,700 and on average we attend six rescue missions a day.

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