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Do you know an extraordinary unpaid carer?

Our charity knows that accidents can be life-changing. But it’s not just our patients who can be affected when they’re in a life-threatening accident.

National Accident Helpline is looking for an inspiring unpaid carer to win their British Caregiver Award after their research showed that 73% of unpaid carers only have one week or less of holiday each year.

The award will enable one carer and the individual they look after to take a holiday courtesy of National Accident Helpline and Revitalise.

Anyone can become an accidental carer – something Sally Burnett knows all too well.

Last year our air ambulance rescued her son, Jamie, after an accident at his construction site led to him being crushed by a dumper truck. He suffered multiple severe injuries including a shattered pelvis, ruptured spleen, bad breaks to both his legs, and a huge amount of blood loss.

Against the odds, and thanks in part due to our highly skilled crews, as well as the clinicians who helped with the surgery and recovery that followed, Jamie is now much better. But for several months after the accident he struggled with his mobility.

Jamie’s mum didn’t hesitate to take care of Jamie during this difficult time. She said: “It’s just something I had to do. I didn’t think for one second about not doing it. When it’s your child or loved one, you just do what you have to so they can recover.”

Sally is just one of the inspiring unpaid carers we know. If you know someone, or are someone, who dedicates their life to the care of someone else and deserves to be considered for British Caregiver of the Year, please visit National Accident Helpline’s website below and nominate your amazing carer.

Click here to find out more and enter someone into the running.

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