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What it takes to be a paramedic with us

So what does it take to be an air ambulance paramedic, and how do they prepare for the incidents they go to?

All of our paramedics are employed by The Air Ambulance Service, have at least three years of industry experience before they join us, and are trained to a critical care standard in pre-hospital care. They all undergo continuous training to make sure they can continue to provide the best care they possibly can.

Being a critical care paramedic means that our crew can give extra care at the scene, effectively bringing the hospital to the patient – from advanced patient assessments, helping to diagnose a patient at the scene, to being able to perform more serious procedures, to being able to provide a wider variety of medication.

We work to the highest standards we can so, ultimately, we can save the most lives. Training our paramedics to critical care standard is just one tool in our arsenal.

The Air Ambulance Service does not receive any government funding. Our lifesaving missions are fuelled by your donations.

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