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15 Ideas on How to Help Charities

Giving back is always so rewarding, whether it’s supporting someone in need, getting involved in a fundraiser or supporting a charity through donations, there are many ways to selflessly support great causes. We’ve put together 15 ideas on how to help charities to keep them helping those who need them most;


1. Spread the Message about a great cause

Sharing information, events or the work of a charity can never be underestimated. With so many ways to get the message out there and support great causes, there’s no reason why spreading the message of the work of a charity is doing has to be hard. Whether it’s retweeting, liking or sharing social posts, posting flyers in your window or just chatting to those you pass, spreading the word is crucial.

2. Educate others on a charity’s work

Whether it’s about reuse services, where to find shops and premises or simply about the work a charity does, the education piece is so important for awareness and understanding. What may seem obvious, may not be understood or realised by those who are new to a charity, so be a big help all round by showcasing a charity you’re passionate about.

3. Arrange a community event – no matter how small

Part of a book club? Maybe you are a member of a running group? Or perhaps you live in a small village, who love a reason to get together. If there’s an opportunity to host a community event, whether virtually or in person, then what are you waiting for! Don’t forget to let your chosen charity know of your event.



4. Get Your Colleagues To Take Part

There are lots of ways to get people you work with involved in fundraising ideas. Arrange a fancy-dress day at work – even if it’s on Zoom – and take proceeds for your favourite charity. Make it a regular thing to make sure everyone can get involved each time.

5. Look to engage with organisations

Making people aware of the work a charity does can be the hardest part of gaining new support. If you’re keen to get the news out there about a fundraiser or event, why not reach out to organisations or businesses to raise awareness and see if there’s any additional funding or online presence you can gain.

6. Team Up with Other Charities

If there are two charities you’re wanting to support, then why not team up with others? When it comes to raising money, not everyone will be aware of every cause, so why not share the passion for the fundraiser by inviting others to take part in aid of their chosen charity. You’ll not only help other causes, but the awareness piece spreads further.




7. Gift Aid where you can

Whether it’s donating pre-loved goods or making a monetary gift, you can make your money go further by giving Gift Aid which adds an extra 25p on to every pound made. If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can Gift Aid your donation at no extra cost to you, there’s just a few details we’ll need when taking your donation.

8. Match fund donations

Many non-profits run a ‘double your donation’ campaign which is supported by an anonymous trust or beneficiary that will double donations provided up to a certain amount. This is a great way to stretch your pound further and know that your support is helping to donate even more.

9. Leave a gift in your Will

As morbid as it is to think about writing a Will, it’s an important legal document that most people need when they reach certain times in their life such as getting married, buying a home or having children. Charities benefit hugely from gifts left in Wills, so if there’s a cause close to your heart, then leaving a gift, no matter how big or small can make the world of difference.




10. Shop In Store

Support a charity and look to reduce environmental impact by shopping in charity shops. Buying second hand means you’re helping raise funds for vital causes, as well as getting something back in return. By shopping in store, you are keeping their presence on the high street and allowing places for donation drop offs, generating awareness and building a community.

11. Browse online for great deals

The past year has pushed people to become more comfortable with online shopping which has in turn urged many charities to focus on their ecommerce offering. Whether it’s eBay, Amazon or their very own web shop, you can find great deals online that all contribute to services that charities are needing vital funds for.

12. Share Your Buys on Social

If you’ve found some great items, then spreading the message of your bargains is a sure-fire way to get footfall into stores and visits on a web shop. Share the items you’ve managed to bag from your favourite charity shop on social to encourage others to take the leap into second-hand buying. Remember to tag the charity you have purchased from to help spread awareness too.




13. Post Your Donations for Free

With shops and donation stations being shut and kerbside collection halted during the pandemic, stock generation has been tricky for charities, with the irony bring most people have taken the opportunity to have a clear out. The good news is some charities now offer a postal service for donations to be sent directly to them, completely free of charge. Read more on how this service works for The Air Ambulance Service.

14. Donate unwanted but usable IT equipment

Are you a business no longer needing functional IT equipment? Don’t arrange a clear out to landfill, get in touch with a charity who can collect, data wipe and resell on for lifesaving funds. A charity may not be your first place for secure asset IT removal, but these services are incredibly reputable and complete free of charge, so you know you’re doing your bit for charity, the environment and your business.

15. Sell items and donate profits to charity

Car boots, garage sales and fetes are all gearing up for a summer sale, so why not get involved and donate some of your profits to charity? Many people have items that they may not want to donate, but rather sell and give a percentage of funds to their chosen charity. Any funds help with making a difference and you get to help spread the awareness of the cause at the same time.


If you are involved in any fundraisers or want advice on how to support our charity further, we would love to hear from you.